Corrective maintenance

Maintenance is a process of paramount importance for the operation of machines and equipment of various segments. Corrective maintenance can be performed on both AC motors and DC motors as well as servo motors. In AC motors, worm gear which are used in machines and applications of constant speeds, corrective maintenance is demonstrated as revision, machining, balancing and rewinding, just like in the servo motors. Maintenance on DC motors, which are motors that allow speed adjustment in addition to overhaul and rewinding, also includes changing brushes and other components, setting liming and other procedures that will cause the motor to operate normally with performance and efficiency.

Whether due to lack of preventive maintenance or due to natural wear and tear, problems with electric motors as well as any other equipment are inevitable at some point in production. So you need to do corrective maintenance and that’s the only way to solve the problem efficiently and safely. In addition to offering several services, providing solutions to various problems, corrective maintenance in engines also ensures quality of service and care with the equipment.