DC Motors

DC electric motors offer the peculiarity of being the first motors to be manufactured, which is easily explained, since the distribution of energy was made in direct current (DC). Currently the main types of direct current motors are Conventional DC Motors (with brushes) and Brushless DC Motors (brushless). The operating principle of a DC machine is based on the creation of an inductor field. This field is established by the current flow in the stator coils, and they are enclosed in the stator grooves.

In the case of motors with permanent magnets, these coils are replaced by magnets, which are responsible for the creation of the inductor field. The rotor is of the wound type, whose current through its windings creates a magnetic field, the intensity of which depends spontaneously on the value of the current that runs through the windings. The interaction between the stator magnetic field and the rotating magnetic field will create the rotational motion of the motor. The control of speed of this type of motor is done through the voltage of the same, since this one is directly related to the speed. best options for baldor motors