The house offers all-you-can-eat Italian food.

New italian restaurant sandy springs ga American Pasta
The executive menu has a fair price and the customer can choose the
pasta, sauce and protein (optional) of their choice.

When you get the urge for a Japanese meal on Sunday, head to Yü,
located in the central region of Curitiba. On Saturdays and Sundays,
the house is open from noon to 3:30 pm – you can even sleep a little
longer and enjoy a late lunch. The buffet combines salads, sushi and
hot dishes. Perfect for a family lunch with no time to end, Madalosso
has that attentive service that makes everyone feel at home. In other
words, good food and lots of it. Leave the diet aside and enjoy the
fried polentinhas, the various pastas with sauces and the salads with a
touch of bacon. Weekend lunch can be healthy, nutritious and full of
interesting flavors. And this can be found at Ohana Restaurant, which
offers organic food. All products used in the recipes are free from
pesticides. At noon there is a buffet with various salads, pasta, meat
and fish, as well as juices with seasonal fruits.