Who knows the name of a dish might be a good idea?

To be remembered positively, the name must be able to convey
the right message about your restaurant, services and values,
defining the positioning you want to have in the market. The
right choice is essential to put all marketing techniques into
practice, leverage business growth and attract customers to your
restaurant! See how important the name is? We don’t want this
choice process to make you nervous, so we’ve put together some
important tips that you can follow when planning your
restaurant’s name! The name of the restaurant can make sense
with the menu, as it is through it that customers will often
identify the style of cuisine served in their space.
For example, if you’re going to serve Italian food, think of a
name that has to do with Italian culture or cuisine, don’t put an
oriental name, right?
Thus, we recommend that you choose the menu before choosing
the name, so it is easier to associate the dishes with the
suggestion you intend to choose!
Yes, but we’ll need to be careful with some important details,
but we’ll see that later. https://americanpastafactory.com/