Food served at the Italian Restaurant

In Brazil, the salad is served before the main course, while in Italy it goes with it, that is, it is
served with meat, fish or cheese.
Italians consume the bread (with ham, cheese or salami) during the appetizer or with the first
course to clean the dishes with the pasta sauce. Unlike what happens in Brazil, where it is
served before meals, to be eaten with butter or oil, as an aperitif.
In Italy, meat and seafood dishes are not mixed. It is also forbidden to sprinkle seafood with
grated cheese, even if it is a pasta dish.
In Italy’s big cities, pizzas can be bought in pieces and consumed with your hands while walking
down the street. But, in restaurants, they are consumed with a knife and fork. They are usually
accompanied by beer or soft drinks instead of wine.
Pepperoni pizzas are also quite common in that region and are covered in peppers and not
spicy salami, as is made in the United States.
Usually only bottled mineral water and wine are served during meals. In Italy it is not
customary to drink filtered water, only bottled. Soft drinks and beers are mostly used to
accompany pizza.
After dinner, Italians usually have coffee or a digestive drink, which can be a “grappa”, an
“amaro” or a glass of “limoncello” or “nocino”. American Pasta alhparetta best Italian restaurants